Space Brains
Joy watching sci fi
11 days ago

Ep.97 – Jung_E

When the war is over we all become domestic robots

25 days ago

Ep.96 – Killer Klowns From Outer Space

A soundtrack that sounds like KLISS

1 month ago

Ep.95 – About Time

We want a hug from Bill Nighy

2 months ago

Ep.94 – Radius

Those were real pigeons

3 months ago

Ep.93 – Children of Men

Long shots rule

4 months ago

Ep.92 – Boss Level

Grillo is ripped, what more can I say?

5 months ago

Ep.91 – In Time

What would you even do with 1 million years?

5 months ago

Ep.90 – The Blob (1958)

We'd all be dead if not for teens

5 months ago

Ep.89 – Infinitum: Subject Unknown

Shot on an iPhone during lockdown!

6 months ago

Ep.88 – The Day The Earth Caught Fire

Not really episode 89, next time will be 88 then 90