Space Brains
Joy watching sci fi
11 days ago

Ep.71 – Cosmos

When your telescope and your wife share a name

1 month ago

Ep.70 – Donnie Darko

I'm not afraid anymore!

2 months ago

Ep.69 – Cosmic Sin

Yes, just as the title says...

2 months ago

Ep.68 – Await Further Instructions

Stay inside and await further instructions

3 months ago

Ep.67 – Bleeding Steel

Regeneration, Star Destroyers and Jacky Chan

3 months ago

Ep.66 – The Dish

You treat us like a pack of gallahs

4 months ago

Ep.65 – Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Yes the original pod people movie from 56

4 months ago

Ep.64 – Awake

How long can you live without sleep?

4 months ago

Ep.63 – 2067

No air? Buy the good stuff

5 months ago

Ep.62 – Edge of Tomorrow

All you need is kill.