Space Brains
Joy watching sci fi
6 months ago

Ep.87 – Salute of the Jugger

Or The Blood of Heroes

7 months ago

Ep.86 – Ben Young

An interview with the director of the sci fi film Extinction

7 months ago

Ep.85 – Minority Report

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king

8 months ago

Ep.84 – Archive

Life in a box isn't so bad

8 months ago

Ep.83 – Extinction

Did you attend the film festival?

9 months ago

Ep.82 – Elysium

I was going to heal the kid, but now...

9 months ago

Ep.81 – Chappie

Welcome to Jo-Berg

10 months ago

Ep.80 – Blade Runner

Was Deckard a replicant? Depends

10 months ago

Ep.79 – The Machine

Just because the bad guy says it doesn't mean it isn't right

11 months ago

Ep.78 – Old

There's this movie with Jack Nicholson and Marlon Brando...