Space Brains
Joy watching sci fi
11 months ago

Ep.77 – The Osiris Child

AKA Science Fiction Volume One

1 year ago

Ep.76 – I Am Legend

Oh, to have post-apocalypse fuel prices!

1 year ago

Ep.75 – Soylent Green

Is delicious, people

1 year ago

Ep.74 – Battle Beyond the Stars

Scotch, Soda and Ice

1 year ago

Ep.73 – The Shape of Water

Do you wash before or after going to the toilet?

1 year ago

Ep.72 – Don't Look Up

Just Look Up

1 year ago

Ep.71 – Cosmos

When your telescope and your wife share a name

1 year ago

Ep.70 – Donnie Darko

I'm not afraid anymore!

1 year ago

Ep.69 – Cosmic Sin

Yes, just as the title says...

1 year ago

Ep.68 – Await Further Instructions

Stay inside and await further instructions